Monday, February 22, 2010

The hatch is done.

We started with 16 eggs, put 12 into Lockdown, and had 9 chicks hatch. My dear husband couldn't stand it any longer and opened up the remaining three eggs. One had never developed and two were dead. It happens I guess. Even a hen probably doesn't have 100% hatch rate every time.

So we have nine new furry babies on the dining room table. I should be able to tell fairly soon if they will have the frizzled feathers. The two oldest chicks have already started to get their wing feathers in! All chicks are well and growing. The incubator is washed and put up in the garage, waiting for another chance to hatch some eggs.

Our basement remodel is finally done too so things are rolling right along! And pretty soon we'll be able to get our boat out of storage and start playing on the Lake. Can't wait for Spring!

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