Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pictures of the Pips!

As of this morning, we have three pips. The fourth egg of the first set maybe has something starting. When I lean down and talk to the incubator, someone is chirping back at me. And one of the eggs is rocking back and forth. It's trying to come out!

This is the egg that is doing all the rocking. Doesn't look like it's totally through the shell yet, but it's close!

Just getting started!

This is the original pip from yesterday afternoon. You can see the darkness of the chick through the shell. It's tough to get a clear picture through the top of the incubator though. This little chick's beak pokes through the hole and I can see him moving around in there. Come on, baby! We're waiting for you!

How wonderful it is to see this miracle happen before our eyes. Looking forward to a real, live chick emerging.

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