Thursday, February 18, 2010

We have a chick!

Our first baby was born at 12:30 pm. We all watched, encouraged and cheered as the little bird emerged. Right now, he seems to be doing great, stumbling all around, falling on the other eggs, and trying to find out how to use his feet. Very cute!

Trying hard to get out of there. Keep trying, little chick! Don't give up!

Waiting and hoping.... and being very patient for 5-years old.

Here I come!

Whew! That's hard work.

And here I am! Welcome to the world, little chick.

Looking better as it dries. Little one is so tired but way too busy to nap.

I wish I could take him out of there but I can't. Opening the incubator at this point could kill the other chicks. So hurry up, eggs! Hatch and let the fun begin!


  1. Hey, Matt! I have a second that has hatched now. So cool! These are sizzles... frizzled silkies. Looks like splash coloring but who knows! I'm just a beginner! Hatching is stressful but watching them emerge is so worth it!


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