Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow day!!!

The snow came hard and fast yesterday afternoon and continued late into the night. Snow of any kind is unusual in South Carolina and this time, we ended up with 5 inches of beautiful, white fluffy snow! The perfect kind of snow... the snow that makes huge snowballs, lovely snow angels, and is great for sledding. Watching the snow fall over the lake was mesmerizing. The family watched the Opening Cermonies of the Winter Olympics and then headed off to bed, dreaming off all the fun to be had in the morning.

Morning came bright and beautiful. The children ran to the window to make sure that, Yes! The snow is still there! A hearty breakfast and bundling up in layers ensued and then we all piled into the car and made the icy trek out to the farm. Our neighborhood was twinkling with its dress of snow.

Lake Greenwood after the snow

Our Lakehouse

Trying to get out of the neighborhood

The roads required lots of concentration but we finally arrived at the Farm. The view took our breath away.

Seems like every time we come out here, we fall a little more in love with this place.

A winter's sky and a winter wonderland

The children are ready to go!

Colin to Annaliese: Let's make Snow Angels!!

The chicks weathered the snow just beautifully. I tried to take a few of them out into the snow, but they told me quite emphatically that they're weren't interested in leaving their warm, little house.

The rest of the animals just wanted me to feed them. They seemed oblivious to the beauty surrounding them.

The babies are getting so big!

Here come the donkeys!

Chores done. Now time for some fun! The hills are steep and big at Sugar Hill which makes for great sledding. Unfortunately we didn't have a sled so we used a few air mattresses. Whatever works! Our neighbors joined us with their sled and their kids.

The snow started to melt and everyone was shivering. Time to head home for lunch and hot cocoa. What a great day!

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