Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The New Chicks are Here!!

Despite the late delivery from the Post Office, most of the chicks arrived safely. We had one fatality during transit and unfortunately it was one of the ShowGirls I've been waiting to receive. But the other 13 chicks arrived chirping, hungry and cold. We have 5 white Silkies, 1 ShowGirl, 5 Ameracaunas, and 3 French Copper Marans. They are so little!!! When we got our Silkies last time, they were four weeks old and even then, they were much tinier than I thought they would be. These chicks are just a week old and they are teeny tiny small. And cute!!!

I had to call Susan at A Happy Chick to figure out which ones are the Ameracaunas and which are the Marans. Thankfully she didn't laugh and helped me decipher who was who. The Ameracaunas have little cheek tufts and the Marans have feathered legs. Case solved!

Annaliese and I gave them a hard-boiled egg as a little treat this afternoon. My other silkies went nuts for eggs! Eggs are a great treat for the chicks due to the protein. These teeny chicks just looked at it and then one of them laid down on the bowl of eggs. I'm headed out to check on them and maybe they managed to figure out that it's food and yummy and good for them!

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  1. Susanne... Youknow this is very addicting don't you!!!! Be oh so much fun. You should check out this blog:
    She is a very interesting person trying to live her life right. You may enjoy her blog too....

    Good luck with you babies and I enjoy checking out your going-ons


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