Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another one!

Our second chick hatched at 6 pm. This one had a full audience including me, my husband, both of my children and my mother-in-law who arrived shortly before the momentous event. Both chicks are currently snuggled up together in the incubator waiting on some friends.

I sent a picture of the first baby to the breeder that sold me the eggs and she confirmed that it looks like a Splash Sizzle just like it's mom. I have two Splash silkies and they are gorgeous. Splash is the coloring of white with splashes of blue. Sizzles are silkies with the frizzle gene so their feathers curl up. I will be on the moon if these are Sizzles. It's what we were hoping for!

Good night, little chicks! We just placed bets on whether or not we'll have chicks in the morning. We'll see! I think we will.

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