Friday, February 19, 2010

4 chicks and counting!

As of this morning, we have 4 adorable, fluffy, sleepy baby chicks. Our third baby was born late yesterday evening. It emerged from his shell, laid on his back and starting kicking, kicking, kicking. The shell wouldn't let go! The poor baby would rest and kick, rest and kick.... to no avail. It couldn't quite disconnect itself from the shell. Since I wasn't supposed to open the incubator, I finally decided to just go to bed and hope in the morning it would be free and running around.

My son woke me up early, early today so we could go see the chicks. We arrived to find the number 4 had just been born and was still struggling to stand up. And my poor little baby was still on his back, kicking away, stuck to his shell. After some discussion amongst the family, we made the decision to get the 4 chicks out, including the shell. A new home was quickly put together on the dining room table with food, water and heat lamp. Cole and I opened the incubator and made a mad dash for all 4 chicks and shell. Into the mail bin brooder they went and an inspection of the chick ensued. I had planned to try to cut the chick loose but wanted to make sure it wasn't a vein keeping it attached. Luckily it was just a feather stuck inside the shell and I promptly gave my new chick a little haircut and it was free! Since it had so far spent its entire life on its back, it did need a little help getting upright but it learned fast.

All 4 chicks are happily snoozing away and all have had a little water. One even ventured over to the food and I'm sure by this afternoon, they will be eating.

Their water dish is the top of a peanut butter jar full of marbles so they don't drown.

As my daughter put it this morning, "We love these little chicks so much!" And we do.

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