Thursday, February 4, 2010

Candling our eggs

My first attempt at hatching eggs is in full swing. We currently have 16 eggs residing in our incubator. My friends at BackYard Chickens said you can candle the eggs at day 7 to see if you have anything growing inside. Candling is as complicated as it sounds. But thanks to the help of my two children and my au pair, we managed to successfully candle the eggs. One was slightly cracked (which I already knew) and had nothing happening inside. Trash! Out of the remaining 15 eggs, at least 6 showed signs of a growing embryo and several others ones were questionable. Half of the eggs are two days behind the others so we left those as a question mark. We will candle again on day 10 (day 8 for the second set) and see what we have. How cool is it to hear my daughter say "Oh, that looks like a blood ring" and my son say " There's an embryo". I realize how far we've come in the last few months. A whole new world has opened up to all of us and it is amazing!!!

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