Monday, February 8, 2010

The chicks are in the coop!!

We have 15 week-old chicks coming tomorrow so it was time for our little silkies to head out to the farm! Cole and I spent 7 hours out on the farm today readying the coop, tending our goats, medicating our donkey and just enjoying life in God's Splendor!

My man worked hard making roosts for the chicks!

The chicks loved being on the farm and absolutely loved their new coop! The coop door was a mystery to them but they almost started to get the hang of it in the end... when they weren't running underneath the coop.

The little silkies are tucked in safe for the night in the new home. I hope they love it!!!


  1. I hope the little ones appreciate the new home you got ready for them.

    My 50+ chicks are shipping Wednesday.


  2. How fun! 50 chicks??? Wow! I can't wait to go out and check on my babies. We don't currently live on the farm so it seems so far away! Waiting to hear from the post office on my new ones!


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