Thursday, February 4, 2010

Animal Update...

Headed out to the farm today despite the bitter cold. Funny how the weather seems fine when you're in your toasty home but completely changes standing out in the biting wind in a barren pasture.

I fed the goats which, as usual, resulted in Grumpy bossing everyone around and hogging all the food. Today this also resulted in the babies being unattended and they came right up to me! Soft fur, adorable faces... I wish it could last! Unfortunately Grumpy realized her lapse, turned around, and issued her bleating warning and that was that. But I enjoyed it while it lasted!

Brownie's lip seems to be healing well but poor Cookie was not even putting weight on his leg. He hobbled over on three legs which broke my heart. Dr. Gray is now scheduled for an afternoon farm visit tomorrow and even though we are expecting cold, freezing rain, I will be there to meet her. The donkeys have transformed since the mean mule left and we are determined to see it through with them. Brownie has been physically close to me in the last few days, and even though she still won't let me touch her, I could if I tried and that is new! My heart tells me the donkeys will be our friends if we stick it out and I am going to do it!

The chicks are thriving and developing their crests which at the moment just look like they have spiky hair. It's hilarious! I need to take some pictures. Too cold for them to go outside today and tomorrow will not work either. But Saturday looks good! The chicks love to roam around the front yard, flapping their wings like big chickens. One found a worm yesterday and the ensuing uncertainity of what to do next was hilarious!

The children and I plan to candle our eggs in the incubator tonight to see what's cooking in our 16 eggs. I have no idea how to candle, but I've read what to do, looked at the pictures of what we should see, and am willing to give it a go! Hopefully at least a few are developing. I'd love some frizzles!!!

Off to have some warm taco soup and mentally prepare for candling!

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