Thursday, December 23, 2010

White Christmas?

Could it be? Well, maybe... but probably not. According to the local weatherpeople, we haven't had a white Christmas here in our part of South Carolina since 1963. So the fact that they are predicting snow for sometime Christmas Day must be listened to but not necessarily believed. I think it's more likely that we won't have bread or milk on the shelves than have snow on the ground. But I'm an optimist!

My children, of course, are beyond excited about the possibility of a few inches of snow. The fact that it might happen on Christmas means little to them. Snow is snow and that means fun!

I'll keep you posted! I'm predicting rain. Hopefully not ice. Snow would be perfect!

Merry Christmas to everyone! May the blessings of the Lord Jesus be upon you this day and every day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ugh..... this weather!

The last two weeks.....  Brrrrr! The temperature struggles every morning to get out of the teens. All the animals have frozen water and frozen feet. Tonight we're expecting ice and freezing rain. How fun! Yesterday I found two of my little Columbian Rock chicks dead in the chicken run. I couldn't tell if they had died from the cold weather or from being trampled. I have a coop right there open for business with a nice heat lamp for them. But no one is ever in there! I moved my remaining five Columbian Rocks into the locked coop with the real baby chicks.

I'm ready for temperatures above freezing. Just a little above. I'm not greedy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Polar bear!

Back in the fall, I posted the pictures of my friend Beth's cute chickens made out of hay bales. She's done it again! Check out her new creation for Winter... Mr. Polar Bear! I'm eaten up with jealousy.

Isn't it just too cute? He's so big in real life. I'm not sure how she does it. Maybe a little Christmas magic.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Buttermilk sky

My first thought this morning:

Wow! What a beautiful sunrise! My mother-in-law always calls it a "buttermilk sky." I'm not sure why that is except that maybe it looks like buttermik biscuits. It was truly bright pink and blue. Gorgeous!

My second thought this morning:

There's something wrong when 30 degrees feels warm to me. But it did!

I hope we're not gearing up for the same type of winter we had last year. Cold, wet, windy. Yuck.

Hope it was a lovely morning wherever you are!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Early December in South Carolina is NOT supposed to be this cold! The temperature hovered around 13 degrees this morning. Yikes! I ran out to check on all the chickens (especially the baby chicks I brought out yesterday), and they seemed okay. Amazing how chickens just walk around in such freezing weather. The chicks are in a locked coop under a heat lamp so I hope they'll be okay. Looks like the cold weather is hanging around for awhile. BRRRRRRR!!!!!

I snapped this picture this morning of a little goose just swimming around the pond behind our house. She didn't seemed bothered at all by the temperature!

RIP, Grumpy.

Yesterday was a day I'd like to forget but probably never will. We arrived very early to the farm and found our three dogs (Bear, Lambchop and Toby) in the pasture with the goats and sheep. We haven't figured out yet how they managed to get in there. The fence all looked secure and we have barbed wire run at the top and bottom. But I guess a determined dog will find a way.

By the time we arrived, those dogs had killed five goats including beautiful Grumpy. :(  They had ripped her two babies out of her and were eating them. They also killed four other pregnant girls. One was way in the back of the pasture so it's obvious they chased her back there. I'm not going to describe the horrifying scene. I wish I hadn't seen it at all.

We got the dogs out and took care of the goats. My poor babies! They had such great personalities, always anxious to say hello and get a little treat. I can't believe they are gone in such a senseless way. My two children took it particularly hard when we had to break the news to him. My 10-yr old son has a very tender heart toward animals and he just kept replaying what he imagined the goats felt and saw. He was sad that pregnant little Sneezy never had the chance to deliver her first baby. And Happy, who had her first baby killed a few days after birth last year, never had the chance to raise a baby. It went on and on. What can you say? I did the best I could to offer some comfort. He finally fell asleep, asking God to take his nightmares away. He just looked at me as I was walking out of his room and said, "I wish God would let us have this day over again so we could stop everything from happening." Me too, baby. Me too.

After an afternoon of discussion, my husband and I made the difficult decision to rehome the dogs. We have a lot of innocent animals and we didn't feel like we could securely protect them from the dogs at all times. The unfortunate thing is that the dogs are wonderful with kids and people. No aggression at all! I guess not all dogs are meant to be farm dogs. Chalk it up to another tough lesson learned by inexperienced farmers. We'll know better next time!

The only bright spot yesterday is that we now have a kitten! This precious little kitten showed up at my children's school a few weeks ago and had been living in the Kindergarten classroom where my daughter is. All the kids loved her and the teachers said she was the sweetest kitty. The entire school had been putting out flyers (it's a small, private school so going around the neighborhood and hanging Lost Kitten signs is okay!) and trying to find the owner. No one claimed her. They've been desperately trying to find her a home and kept asking us to take her. We thought about letting her live on the farm in our house but were afraid of what the dogs would do if she got out. After the dogs left yesterday, that was no longer an issue so I went up to the school and got her.

We named her Gabby and she's a little tortoise shell kitten. So cute! She spent the whole afternoon going from one lap to the other and purring away. What a sweetie.

So we have five less goats and three less dogs but gained a little kitten. I'm thinking a herd of goats would be a great Christmas gift for the kids! And me!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


No, I'm not grumpy. My goat is Grumpy! Seven goats came with our farm so of course, we had to name them after the Seven Dwarfs. And someone had to be Grumpy. Little did we know at the time how great she is and how in charge! She's definitely the boss of that pasture. She even takes on the Big Horn Sheep.

Grumpy is very, very pregnant. Her sides are so big and her belly is practically dragging on the ground. Every day I expect to have new kids, but not yet! I just love Grumpy.

How can you not love this face?

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