Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Waiting.... waiting...

I'd post a picture of my new babies hatching... except they haven't. No moving, no pipping, no chirping, no anything. I'm trying hard not to just sit and stare into the incubator, willing one of them to just pop on out and say "Hi, Mom!". My incubator is supposedly fool-proof. Hope I'm not the fool it missed! Maybe today we'll have a chick. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, the chicks I do have are growing quite nicely! My little silkies have the beginning of a crest showing and are filling out. They are 3 weeks old tomorrow.

Their little feet are getting feathers and they seem perfectly happy. They do not act like crazy chickens when I come up to the cage. The Marans and Ameraucanas, on the other hand, all run and smash into a corner whenever I come around. It's starting to hurt my feelings. They even try to squeeze through the cage.

They are beautiful chicks and have lovely feathering. I just hope they calm down a little. No mom likes it when their children run scared from them. And I promise I haven't hurt them!

Run!!! She's here!!!!

I miss my silkies that are out on the farm. The weather has been so cold and windy. Where is Spring??? Temps should not be in the 30's during the day when it's the middle of February. I long for a lovely, warm 55 degree day with no wind. The sun is shining today and it might actually get up to the high 40's. Sounds like a warm front, doesn't it?? Maybe I can go out and let the silkies run around for awhile. It's the "getting them back in the coop" part that is hard. Those little buggers are fast!!!

Update to come if anything happens in the incubator!

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