Monday, February 15, 2010

Waiting on a Pip

The eggs are in Lockdown! For the inexperienced hatcher, Lockdown is the last three days of the hatch. The difficult time when you are not allowed to open the incubator or in any way, mess with the eggs. The little eggs are off of the egg turner, humidity has been raised, vent is open.... I think I've done everything I'm supposed to do. Now the waiting begins.

There are 12 little eggs in there waiting to be born. Four eggs are from the original shipment and will be sizzles and frizzles (curly haired silkies!). The other eight eggs are from the second shipment and are frizzled cochins. Two of the eggs were questionable at the last candling... and that's assuming we knew what we were doing... which we didn't. It's anyone's guess how many will actually hatch!

Luckily the incubator has worked like a dream and is basically novice-proof. Once I finally got it assembled, it's been so easy. Plus it has a clear top so we can all see what's happening in there! We should start to hear some pipping in there any time. When an eggs starts pipping, you should start to see the chick trying to break through the egg shell. All viable eggs should be hatched in the next 4 days. My chicken friends say you can leave the chicks in there for up to 2 days while you wait for the other eggs to hatch. The baby chicks basically ingest the yolk prior to hatching and they can live on that. It's all so strange!

I've been trying hard today to not just sit and stare at the incubator. Luckily the 13 chicks in the garage are a good distraction! Everyone says that the chicks you hatch will always consider you their Mama. And who doesn't dream of being the real Mom of a chicken!!!????

So far, no pips. But anytime!!!!!! In the meantime, it's my husband's birthday and we're having a salsa party. Life calls!

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  1. Here's hoping they all hatch for you nice and healthy.



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