Monday, March 1, 2010

They're all growing up!

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted anything. A busy week I guess! Everyone here is waiting for Spring. The weather has been such a tease. Warm one day and cold the next. Today the sun is out and the temperature is close to 60 degrees. Tomorrow there's a 100% chance of snow. But the weekend looks to be close to 70 so I'm not complaining!

My sister Elbe visited this weekend from Atlanta. We had a great time out at the farm where she proceeded to laugh her head off at us chasing the chickens and trying to get them into the coop. I put my foot down when she wanted to videotape it. We moved the Marans and the Ameracaunas out to the coop on Friday. They looked to be fully feathered and were also stinking up my garage. Bigger birds = bigger poop. They love it! The day was cold and very windy, but at least it was sunny!

Annaliese even had a chance to ride the dirt bike with her Daddy. Colin was too busy shooting cans with his BB gun.

Note to Elbe: Next time you come visit, bring some boots or tennis shoes! :)

Annaliese always spends a lot of time holding her chicks. Toffee either can't see through her bangs or just doesn't move very fast because Annaliese just picks her up whenever she wants. I can assure you that not all the chickens are so easy to grab!

We still have 5 white silkies and the Showgirl in our garage. Their feathers are coming in very slowly. All 9 of our hatched babies are doing great and are still residing on our dining room table. I can hear them chirping all day long. Since the weather was nice today, they all got to go outside for a little excursion. This was the first time for the little ones who are now 7-10 days old!

The white silkies just did their own thing. They don't seem particularly enchanted with us. But I do think it's true what they say about hatched chicks... they love you! Our nine little ones followed us everywhere and never left our side. A big time was had by all and the babies are all sound asleep in their mail bins, dreaming of the Big World Outside.

We are headed out in a few minutes to feed and water all the animals and let those chicks outside to play before the snow heads in to torment us.

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