Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wow! More kids!

Annaliese and I visited the farm this morning to check on Grumpy's babies. And guess what? Dopey had her babies! Based on the blood Dopey had on her backside and the condition of the two new kids, my first thought was that they had just arrived. Welcome to the world, little goats! So that makes 4 new kids in the last 4 days. Yikes!!!

These two have beautiful coloring! The light tan one is just precious!

They were busy trying to figure out how to eat.

Watching this unfold really makes me realize that mothers of all kinds are basically the same. We love our children, want to protect them, and marvel at the wonder of  it all.

Grumpy's 4-day old babies already look big compared to these two. And Grumpy has a little wild thing on her hands. One of her babies is flat out hilarious and she's always chasing after it trying to get it to stay with her. This little goat though just wants to play!

The little white one is very calm and sticks with his Momma. The other one is running around like a banshee and I can already tell that he will always be in trouble!

Grumpy got him eventually under control and they headed back to the shelter where I'm sure that little one got the Stink Eye from his Mom.

What an amazing few days! I feel so privileged to be able to witness the miracle of birth in such a first-hand way. And to be able to experience it with my children. Life and death... an intact circle of God's Design. My children both prayed tonight that God will watch over the new goats and the chick we lost this weekend. I was surprised how close these two Goat Mommas let me get to their newborns. It was obvious they weren't sure and didn't really like the company, and yet they allowed it. Maybe we are becoming part of the larger family on the Farm. I hope so.

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