Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We really need a barn!

Brrrrrr.... it's cold outside! Cold, frigid air descended on the South earlier this week, freezing everything in its path. This morning the temperature rose to a balmy 16 degrees. Our poor farm animals probably spent this frosty night dreaming about a warm place to sleep. When we bought our farm, we acquired 10 animals. What we didn't acquire was any type of barn or place for them to get out of the elements.

Cole and I did fashion a makeshift Goat house a few days ago. Our well-thought out plan of a wood, 3-sided structure ended up being bales of hay stacked on each other with plywood lying on top. 32 degrees and a biting, bitter wind changed our plans for a fancier dwelling! Our little house does have three sides though and a wood floor. The Goats apparently enjoy it as evidenced by the missing hay they have eaten off the walls, the little packages of loveliness they left all over the floor, and the Goat that was standing on top of it when we drove up yesterday.

We have big plans for the coming months and I have an entire list of cute, woolly animals I want to raise. We need a barn! More specifically, I want an old barn. A barn that has lived some life.

Old barns occupy a special place in my heart. If you've ever been to my house, you know I love vintage things, furniture with paint peeling, pieces with character. This sweet old barn surely has so many stories to tell. The animals who have lived there, the farmers who have loved her. She has a history and a beauty that a new barn won't have for many, many years.

Surely someone has a vintage barn they need moved off of their property. My hunt begins today! If you know of an old barn, shed or other farmish structure that needs a new home, let us know!

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