Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Undiscovered

We finally hiked all the way to the back of the farm and along the way, made a bunch of discoveries. There's a creek running along the side of the property and our hike was accompanied by the sound of babbling water. Awesome! That same side is full of hills of fine sand, deep and narrow valleys, and my boys declared it's "Perfect for Paintball". It's not going to be good for much else since it's too steep so I say Go For It. Just don't shoot your eye out!

Our property line runs along the forest on all three sides (except the road). We discovered a nice gate at the very back where we can go explore in the woods. So magical! Spaced wide enough to move around easily, the pines soar magestically to the sky and have dropped a soft and fragant floor of needles. The air was still and the whole place felt very serene. Since there are gobs and gobs of woods all around us (owned mostly by a pulp wood company who I pray will not be coming around any time soon!), we all forsee lots of future explorations. Perfect for hide-and-seek!

I snapped a picture from the very back of our property and Cole commented that it's the only place we've found that you can actually see all the way to the front. We also discovered that we are apparently in much better shape than our two children who proceeded to drag their feet, whine, and at one point, actually laid down on the ground claiming they just couldn't go on. Oh, please.

To the left is where the creek is and way, way up ahead is the road. It's much farther than it looks with numerous little hills in between. I just can't wait until this brown is gone and some green emerges. Of course that also means we will have to come up with some way to mow this 100 acres which at the moment is a mystery to all of us. I think we need a tractor.


  1. You can have someone else cut it for a percentage of the hay from it. That is what some folks around here do.


  2. Thanks, Matt. It's definitely something we're considering. Beats buying a tractor at this point when there's so many other fun things to get!


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