Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chicks and Hard Boiled Eggs

My little chicks are growing and fluffing! It looks like they've gotten twice as fluffy overnight. One of my new chicken friends told me that chicks love snacks. Well, honestly, who doesn't??? She told me to give them a hard-boiled egg. So there I am.... boiling eggs for the chicks which seemed to my husband a little bit like cannibalism. I can assure you that the chicks don't care! They are like crazy little fluff balls running around like (excuse the pun) chickens with their heads cut off. The egg made them nuts!

I had a long talk with the chicks today about getting their feathers at rapid speed. As much as they love this cozy little home, they must move out to the farm in 10 days and they need all their feathers. Hopefully they listened!

This week we receive our first hatching eggs. Frizzles and Sizzles!

This is Puff and hopefully our chicks will look just like this! Puff is owned by the breeder I got the eggs from and he is a frizzle. A frizzle is a chick (and it can be any breed... they just need to have the frizzle gene) that has feathers that curl up instead of lay flat. A sizzle is a silkie with the frizzled feathers. A little fluffy chick that looks twice as fluffy because his feathers go up. As a curly-haired lady, I can relate! I just love the frizzles and sizzles. I want lots of them! My incubator has arrived and we will desperately attempt to hatch a real live chick. It takes 21 days so please check back.

We also have a bunch more chicks arriving in the next 2 weeks (which is why these chicks must move out to the farm!). My current babies arrived at 4-weeks of age. The new ones will be just a few days old. I feel like I've gained a little experience and some confidence due to the fact that in four days, I haven't killed any of them. Little bittie chicks are a different matter and I'm hoping I'm up for the challenge!

All I know is that right now, my chicks are growing, happy, fed and poop machines. And that is how it should be. And my 5-yr old daughter is talking about crests, breeds, and various other chicken knowledge. I'm rubbing off on her!

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