Thursday, January 28, 2010

Field Trip!

Blue skies, warm temperatures (for January anyway), and the need to clean the cages prompted a major Field Trip for all the chicks. One at a time, I carried each little fuzzball out to the front lawn, all the while hoping none of my neighbors would drive by and wonder why there's a flock of chickens at my house.

The chicks promptly began scurrying around, checking things out and attempting to fly. They mostly just flutter from place to place and generally land on one another. They moved around in a little group, never far from each other. A few of the chicks became little thiefs, stealing whatever they brothers and sisters found. One of the yellow chicks kept zooming off into the Great Unknown and all of the rest would immediately zoom after her. We spent a fun afternoon watching the antics of the chicks on their first Excursion to the Outdoors.

Despite all the fun, the sun began to set and the time arrived to go back home. The most important thing I learned during our Field Trip is that putting them outside is easy. Putting them back home is not. Thankfully no one taped me running after each scurrying little chick, trying desperately to get one. They are fast little buggers. Fortunately I managed to get them all home safe and sound, feed them a nice dinner and settle them down for the night.

Round two is this afternoon!

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