Monday, January 18, 2010

Coop Edits and Chicks are Acoming!

Thanks to my many new friends at Backyard Chickens, it became apparent that my cute little chicken coop needed a few revisions.... namely, more ventilation. Luckily, Ron is accommodating and agreed to put two ventilation openings near the roof on each side and to add a screened window on the back. Hopefully this will provide the chicks with enough air movement despite the season or the weather! The coops are being delivered in the morning and I can't wait!

I also have become friends with Bobbi Porto who raises adorable silkies. She recommended that we get 3-4 week old chicks to start out with and is shipping us 10 of her beauties tomorrow. We should have them on Wednesday. This exciting news prompted a quick trip to Tractor Supply (as quick as any trip in Greenwood is since everything is 15 minutes away minimum!). I bought most of the remaining things I need so I don't kill the chicks when they get here. Of course I forgot a few important items so I'll be back there tomorrow.

Stay tuned for pictures of our new chick babies in the next few days.

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