Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Houses are here!!

Yippee!! The houses for my soon-to-arrive chicks are here. Of course the chicks can't actually live there for a few months, but their housing will be ready when they move in. The movers arrived right on time at 9 am and did a great job getting the houses where I wanted them. They didn't even seem to mind me saying "A little to the left.... now to the right... back it up... is it level?".  Patience abounded! I'm really happy with the way they look and can't wait to fluff them up and make them pretty, add the chicken run, some shrubs, all the fixings!

They're here ! They're here!

All in place and looking right at home! Love the little porch swing although I imagine it will be full of chicken poop before long. The chicken doors turned out great and all is well!

Still waiting on confirmation of the chick delivery for tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!

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