Friday, January 15, 2010

Warm weather and a new magazine

We spent a beautiful day out on the farm. The temperature went all the way up to 70 degrees! And in the middle of January! Of course, tomorrow it will probably be 20 but I don't care. Today was absolutely spectacular. The only thing that ruined it is that that mule tried to bite me. I'm just about done with all of those animals... but that's a different post.

Our neighbors have a dirt bike and brought it out today. Being a dirt bike novice, my son was a little tentative at first and he told me he "teared up a little" when they took the training wheels off. But he perservered and in no time was flying around the place like a pro. Both he and his daddy had huge smiles on their faces and my precious husband just kept saying, "Isn't this great?"

A girl can only take so much dirt bike noise and let's face it, watching boys go round and round on a little bike is only interesting for about 5 minutes. I spent the rest of the time glaring at the mule for his attempted nibble, watching the goats mess around with each other endlessly, and daydreaming about where I'm going to plant my vegetable garden, my cut flowers, the orchard.... There's a grouping of smallish fruit trees near where the chickens will be. What type of fruit trees is yet to be determined since the seller "couldn't remember" what he planted. I paced it out and I think we should plant about 20-25 more trees which will make a nice little orchard in a few years. Plus it will provide some much-needed shade. We have very, very few actual trees on this property.

When we finally got home, guess what was in the mailbox? My first issue of Mules and More magazine which, according to the front cover, is Published Monthly for Mule and Donkey Enthusiasts. Even though I'm not feeling particularly enthusiastic about either the mule or the donkeys today, I'm still looking forward to perusing this little gem tonight. The cover is pretty at least!

Happy trails!

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