Monday, January 11, 2010

Snapshots from the Farm

Today I remembered that I had my camera with me at the Farm and snapped a few pictures. The sky sparkled a clear blue, making it look warmer than it really was. Although better than this weekend, today was still cold, but it was also crisp and lovely. Definitely hot cocoa weather.

The back pond

The beautiful hills

The back pasture. Can't wait until Spring!

Feeding time. Goats definitely travel in a herd. There's another feeder just like this one, full of food, but until the two leaders, Grumpy and Doc, head down that way, no one else will.

And now meet the goats. This is Bashful. The two white goats and the baby are definitely the bottom of the Goat Hierarchy. They are constantly butted out the way by the leaders and stay mostly on the sidelines.

Here is Grumpy, the Head Goat. Cole is convinced she is pregnant. I'm not so sure.

The baby, Sneezy. Someone had to have that name. Sorry, baby!

Happy, the brown one, and Doc. See why I don't want to be in the way of the horns?

Bashful and Sleepy. They are usually together, feeling sorry for themselves. Sleepy is living up to her name.

And here is Dopey. We think she is a girl. Cole thinks she is pregnant. Dopey is very similar to Grumpy except Dopey has a broken horn. And Grumpy is bossier.

Licorice, my mule, and Cookie, our male donkey. I was trying to take some pictures but I still had the bucket of feed and Licorice got a little carried away. I would have taken a picture of him sticking his big head through the gate, but I fled in a panic and missed it. :)

Got them fed. Whew! But now they don't want to pose for any pictures.

Cookie decided he liked the camera!

Brownie and Cookie, the donkeys. He is definitely protective of his girl. I have found out that boy donkeys are called Jacks and girl donkeys are called Jennies. Brownie is still shy but I'm sure she'll come around.

Licorice is a happy boy now!

Right after I took this picture, the fence behind me started shaking. I turned around and saw this.

Sadly, this is their leader. I took one look at Grumpy and told him he was on his own. Somehow he managed to get his big head and his very big horns back through that little hole. I'm off the hook! I probably would have attempted to assist that little stinker with his predicament, but I'm glad I didn't have to do it! Especially considering I didn't have the first clue how to put a goat's head and horns backwards through a little hole.

One of the water troughs. Bless their hearts. Where are you, warm weather???

We have a large flock of geese on the back pond.

Feel like you've been there, don't you?

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  1. It is just lovely! Thanks for sharing the photos.


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