Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A girl, her lollipop, and her chicken

The day was sunny but a bit cold and just a teensy bit blustery. Still, we decided to see how Toffee did outside. She's 4 weeks older than the rest of the chicks, seems to have all of her feathers, and frankly, curiosity got the best of us. Annaliese supervised Toffee's excursion to the Great Outdoors although apparently even the Supervisor needs her lollipop.

Toffee's hair seems to be in her eyes and I'm not sure how well she can see. A haircut may be in order soon. She seemed to be a bit confused about this whole Outside business but she did start to do a few chicken things like pecking and looking around. I spent the entire time petting her, reassuring her and taking pictures of her. My poor mother-in-law, visiting from Far Far Away, just shook her head at me and said "It's like she's your baby." Well, actually she is. :)

Hopefully it will warm up enough in the next few days and we can bring all the little ones outside for Exploration. Now that should be fun!

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  1. Ally thinks the chickens are cute and Annaliese is huge! I agree.


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