Friday, March 12, 2010

Another death on the farm.

The death of an animal hurts. The randomness of it on a farm is becoming particularly hard to understand. One day they seem fine and the next, they are gone. We lost our favorite little chick, Snowball, last week out of the blue. Today we discovered that our sweet little brown goat died. He was just lying in the enclosure we put up for them and his mother was keeping watch. No signs of trauma, no injury. Just dead. Losing these animals breaks my heart. Even worse is explaining it to my children. Five-year old little girls get very attached to their animals and the sudden loss of any of them is devestating. Poor Annaliese. They're always her favorites.

If we continue to be farmers, we need to accept that some of our animals will die. No rhyme or reason. No pattern. No preparing for it. Hopefully the enjoyment of the others will make up for the loss of the few. Our pet cemetary is growing and I hate it.

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