Sunday, March 7, 2010

RIP, Snowball

Well, Snowball didn't make it. I was pretty sure yesterday that it was the end. Maybe this happens with chickens... just one day... poof. We've lost two chicks so far and both seemed perfectly fine and then they died. We've only actually named two chicks, Toffee and Snowball. I just loved my little Snowball and so did Annaliese. She was such a small, little round ball of fluff. She would always let you pick her up. Such a cutie!

I had my first ever tennis match today and didn't have time to go out to the farm between church and the match. I asked my husband to take the kids and check on Snowball. They showed up at my match with long faces and I knew. My husband had buried her and I might take this opportunity to start a little pet cemetary for our animals. I'm sure there will be more.

I'll miss Snowball.

And I lost my tennis match. Barely, but I lost. I'm blaming it on grief and not my seized up back. And bless the hearts of my tennis team. I told them Snowball died and they all sincerely expressed sympathy on the loss of my chicken. I would bet inside they were like, "It's a chicken" but they are too nice and too Southern to say it out loud. Thanks, girls! And watch out next week. This girl plans to win!

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