Sunday, March 28, 2010

New farm name??

We found out recently that our neighbor at the Lake has a farm nearby named Sugar Hill Farm. He was very nice about it and said he enjoyed our blog. However, that just seems like stealing to us. So we are considering a new farm name. Any thoughts???

Yesterday was spent in Greenville starting the long process of packing up our house there. It's under contract!! The little house on our farm is now the lucky recipient of much of our belongings. Technically, it's a mobile home. A rather nice one though, especially with all of our cute stuff in it! We have christened it the Farm House and if we can figure out a way to make the outside not look like a mobile home, we are definitely considering making it a permanent part of the farm. In the meantime, we have three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen and living area to enjoy. The children were so excited to spend the night out there which required a quick making of three beds and unloading an entire truck and two cars full of stuff. More to do but it looks great!

Waiting on some thunderstorms! My dad always said that the first big Spring thunderstorm kicks off the official growing season. I know my newly-planted fruit trees would love some good ole static electricity and a dousing of rain.

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  1. Your blog is SOOOO cute. I'm jealous of your chickens. I live in SC (Chapin actually) and have been looking for coops like yours. Will you email me and tell me where you got them from? I look forward to hearing from you!!!


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