Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snowball is sick.

Beautiful Saturday although still a chilly bite in the air. Tomorrow is supposed to be 10 degrees warmer and that should eliminate the bite. Hoping!

We arrived at the farm today to discover that Snowball is ill. Wherever we set her down, there she stayed. She did have a case of pasty butt which is when the poop cakes and dries on their bottom and the surrounding feathers. I did my best to correct that situation, gave her some water and food, and we all tried to cheer her up. She had bubbles coming out of her beak and generally just seemed ill. It's exactly what happened with our blue silky that died. Annaliese said in a sad little voice, "I'm going over there to pray for Snowball." She seemed a little better when we left but I'm afraid we might return tomorrow to find her not among the living. Hopefully I'm wrong! We are all kind of new to this chicken business.

Snowball... we love you and hope you make it! You are definitely the cutest and fluffiest of the chickens. And sweet. Be strong!

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