Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet the Chicks.

Time to meet my babies that I hatched. These little chicks follow me everywhere when we're outside together. When I come to their cage, they don't run away in fear. They hop on my hand. I honestly don't think I'd ever buy another chick. The incubation process takes awhile and not all hatch, but I just adore these little chicks. Here they are! Since I don't know if they are boys or girls yet, I'm calling them girls (for the most part) and hoping most are.

This is Stormy. She is a silkie/cochin cross and has the silkie features but the feathers lay more flat and smooth than my other poufy silkies. Stormy was our first chick hatched and is now 3 weeks old. Her crest is starting to come in and she's a beauty!

And here we have Misty. She is our second chick. Same type as her sister Stormy. I can tell them apart because Misty has orangish toes and Stormy has all black toes. A perfect Silkie has black legs and feet and five toes. My babies only have four toes so they won't win a blue ribbon, but I think they're pretty!

Ahhh... here is Fluff. She is a fantastic frizzled Silkie. Her feathers are like the Silkie except they curl up. She will continue to get fluffier and curlier. She has five toes and all other Silkie features. I just love her! If you were following along on our hatching journey, this is the chick I had to rescue out of the shell. Perfect now!

This is Puff. Also a frizzled Silkie but not quite as dramatic as her sister. But she's getting there.

And now on to the Cochins. They came from a frizzled mama and you will usually get the frizzle hair about half of the time. Hard to tell on a few if they will have it or not. These will be larger birds with big chests and feathered legs. When they are fully feathered out, they look like a big round ball of fluff wearing pantaloons!

This is Mr. Fancy Pants. He was the first cochin hatched. Mr. Fancy Pants is always the first bird to try to escape, come up to the cage when I come, and is always in motion. I was sitting outside with them yesterday and he kept jumping on my foot and hopping up my leg. His legs are getting their feathers and his wing feathers are starting to curl up a little on the ends. Too early to tell if he'll be frizzled but I love him!

This is Butterscotch, the second cochin born. No question here. Butterscotch is frizzled. Her feathers are poking up all over and her coloring is just gorgeous. The tips of her wings are a beautiful brown. Here's another picture of her.

The third cochin born is BlackJack. He has beautiful black and white colors.

This is Fudge Stripe. She was born 4th and is very similar to BlackJack except her face is more white. I'm not sure what the official color is for these cochins, and they look different as their feathers come in, but they are all unique and beautiful! Look at her feathered feet coming on.

And last, but not least, this is Lemon Drop. She was the last baby born and looks a lot like Mr. Fancy Pants but she's smaller. No sign of frizzling yet but she's definitely putting her feather boots on!

Just hanging out on a beautiful Spring day!

My husband walked out while I was trying to take pictures of the chicks and thought it was pretty funny. So he took a picture of me taking a picture of the chick. I was trying but those chicks don't like to sit still!


  1. Great pics, Suzanne! There's something not quite right with your first sentence: "Time to meet my babies that I hatched." Were Colin and Annaliese hatched also? LOL!

  2. Yes, I did actually hatch the children too but let's keep that between us, okay? :)


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