Thursday, March 11, 2010

Joining the Farm!

We moved the 5 white silkies and our showgirl, Lola, out to the farm. For the most part, this new group hung to themselves except one little white one that wandered off by himself all the time. Sometimes he was with the big chicks and sometimes just looking around alone. I trimmed Toffee's bangs over the weekend and a whole new world opened up for her! Amazing what can happen when you can see!

Everyone was getting along well until my black silkie, the one that loves to peck the new chicks and pick fights, suddenly decided he needed to investigate this new group of chicks. This is him coming over to display his dominance and do his rooster thing.

Poor Lola. That's her with the naked neck. Right now she's not very pretty. She looks like she has a feather disorder. But I've seen lots of pictures of showgirls and they usually end up looking very fancy. Go, Lola! Get your crest! It will distract from your naked neck.

No blood was drawn and when it came time to go back into the coop, they all banded together in their Escape Plan. Annaliese and I had a nice picnic surrounded by our little friends and when we left, all chicks were snuggled up in their nice, warm coop.... together.

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