Thursday, March 4, 2010

All good on the farm

Grandmother wanted to see some more pictures of the animals, so I ran right out to the farm and took some! I'm just that kind of daughter-in-law.

Will it ever warm up? Today is March 4th (the only day of the year that is a sentence... March Forth!) and it's barely 50 degrees and very windy. Of course, it's always windy on the farm. Hopefully the wind will continue to blow when it's humid and 95 degrees outside!

All the chicks came out to play. A few of the silkies (I'm thinking Rooster) did not appreciate the new birds coming around their ladies. Fight! Fight! Which in chicken terms looks very much like chest bumping.

If only that silkie knew that in a matter of a few weeks, this Ameraucana will be twice as big as him. He doesn't and is taking advantage of his superior size while he can.

I know Mommies shouldn't have favorites, but I love my little Snowball. She's just so fluffy and cute!

Cookie and Brownie continue to befriend us and Hee Haw when we arrive and when we leave, and unfortunately, when they want a little snack. For the inexperienced listener of Hee Hawing, it will sound like the donkeys are being attacked or are attacking someone else. It's pretty loud and disturbing, but now that I know they're just chit chatting with us, I love it!

Here Cookie is telling me a Tall Tale about his prowess in the pasture. Brownie couldn't even listen to his ridiculousness and just hung her head in shame. I really need to Google "Pregnant Donkeys" and see if I can find some pictures. Brownie is definitely getting bigger but since a donkey's gestation period can be up to 13 months, she might be a year away from delivering. I can't wait to have a baby donkey!

The baby goats continue to grow and have started to get their horns. They don't stick as close to their Mamas as they used to in the beginning.

All is well on the farm.

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