Monday, April 12, 2010

Life...busy, busy, busy

No posts = busy life. Between trying to build a chicken run, fix up the farm house, raise two kids and everything else that's been going on, we're having a blast but the days just fly by. We have two new chicks that recently hatched and are living on the dining room table. Nine more eggs in the incubator and I just said good night to them and found that one is starting to hatch. May have a new baby in the morning!

This past weekend was spent in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, for my niece's wedding. My two babies were in their very first wedding and represented us well as Flowergirl and Ringbearer. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and just the right temperature. The bride was pretty cute too! Congratulations, Charlotte and Steve.

Here's a picture of us at the wedding. We clean up pretty well!

We hope to finish the chicken run tomorrow so the chicks can go out and play anytime they like. And I'd love to get my vegetable garden started. Fun Days!

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  1. You have a beautiful family girl! Hope your having a great week! xoxo


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