Thursday, October 14, 2010

Special moments

I lost my Grandmother when I was 24. Beautiful, giving, patient. She embodied the qualities everyone wants in a Grandmother. My sisters and I would hide her shoes when she came to visit. We didn't want her to leave. She was the anchor in a storm of childhood chaos, a safe harbor where you could get a hug and a quiet moment. After 21 years, I still think about her often. Especially since she was the only person in my family to embrace chickens.

Now I have two children. My parents are no longer alive and we lost my father-in-law suddenly three years ago. My children do have one grandparent and she's wonderful! Thankfully she just moved to the town we live in and now we can see her much more often. The relationship with a grandparent (a good grandparent) is so special. I'm very grateful that my children have a good one.

Time with Grandmother is full of special moments. I hope my children cherish them and remember them.

And just between you and me, she's the mother I never had. And I love her very much. But let's just keep that quiet. No point in her getting a big head.

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  1. Oh how sweet. There is nothing like a good grandparent for sure. I was very lucky in tha front and I miss them all terribly today. I know your children will never forget how special this is. Great post!


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