Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love the weekends!

My poor Huckleberry has been gone week after long week on business. The children have had just about enough of my face and only my face! They sure do miss their Daddy. When you have less than 48 hours of family time before the next flight, what do you do??? Head to the farm!

What a great weekend! Looking for gold, hiking, kayaking, bon fires, football.... and cooler weather! Have I mentioned how much I love the cooler weather? Okay.... a few times. I wish it could stay fall all year round. It's perfect!

This little girl is happy her Daddy is home!

Teaching that rascally Toby to fetch. Lost cause. I knew it would be. He only wants to do things that are wrong. Now sweet Blue, on the other hand, is a great dog. Of course, he's old, deaf and half blind, but he's hanging in there! And he knows how to shake.

Taking a break for a book.

The morning dawned cool, crisp and misty. I just love how the mist hangs heavy over the ponds.

Can't wait until this weekend! My Huckleberry will be home and he can show off his man skills by finding the huge snake that has been spotted by the house. I did my farm chores in record time today! I had no intention of running into Mr. Snake. Food, water, eggs.... see ya! No chicken cuddles today. I absolutely, positively, no question HATE snakes. Hate them. I cannot believe that one showed up to torment me on my very own farm. Cole promised me he would find it this weekend. I'm sure he will then try to convince me that it's a "good snake" and we should keep it. Blech. We have over 100 acres. Does the snake really have to be right where I am? Apparently so. A new pair of snakeskin shoes sound good about now. :)


  1. Awww, my son Will would be in heaven with your snake! He is a self-proclaimed kid herpetologist! :-P

  2. How fast can he get here??? :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your snake problem. I'm not a big snake fan either. The mist pics are great. Thanks.

  4. Susanne, I hate them too!!! You crack me up though as I bet he will find a "good" snake...but I don't believe there is such a thing.

    Ok-your children look like models--how beautiful. Love your photos and you farm!!

    Amy ~:>-

  5. Wonderful shots. I really love the ones with the mist over the pond. I know how it is when the husband travels for work. It can be tough!

  6. Thanks, everyone! Didn't see the snake today but did see a huge flock of buzzards. :( And one less goat.


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