Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dramatic Rescue!

The Incident: Attempted Sheep Drowning by Dog

The Culprit:  Lambchop, newly acquired 6-month old rascal. Loves to chase. Doesn't come when called. Won't mind his owners.... yet. He looks innocent and playful, but does a hardened criminal lurk inside?

The Victim: Innocent Mr. Ram, minding his own business in the pasture, never knowing that the next few minutes could mean the end of his life at Huckleberry Farm.

The Scene of the Incident: The middle pond of Huckleberry Farm, next to the resident pasture of the victim. Beautiful, yes. But potentially deadly for those who can't swim.


The Hero: Cole, the handsome and fearless Farmer (the man and not the donkeys!). The Huckleberry of Huckleberry Farm.
According to the Huckleberry Farm Incident Report, around 1:oo pm on the warm and sunny afternoon of October 26th, the dog-in-question, Lambchop, managed to sneak into the fenced pasture where the victim resides. After chasing the victim and his 34 fellow residents around the pasture and eluding the loud shouts and chase of the Farmer, our victim, Mr. Ram, made the mistake of running the opposite way of the rest of the herd. Lambchop immediately zeroed in on Mr. Ram and began to give chase, scaring Mr. Ram and the Farmer (although to be fair, probably Mr. Ram more). Mr. Ram, in an effort to evade the ever-closer Lambchop, ran headlong into the pond, forgetting in the chaos of the moment that he is not a strong swimmer. But in he went, desperate to end this endless romp. Did Lambchop give up the chase? Oh, no, he did not! In went Lambchop after Mr. Ram, swimming after him and laughing gleefully at Mr. Ram's pitiful attempt at dog-paddling.

Our Hero advises that at this point Mr. Ram attempted valiantly to keep his head above water while Lambchop hung onto Mr. Ram in a very unkind way. Was Lambchop trying to drown Mr. Ram? The report is uncertain and eye witness reports inconclusive. Luckily for Mr. Ram, our Hero is quick-thinking. After smartly throwing his cell phone and wallet to the ground while running full-speed to the pond (not an easy task in itself), our Hero dove into the pond, fully dressed, disengaged Lambchop from Mr. Ram, got Mr. Ram's head above water and towed him slowly, but successfully, to safety. Once on land, Mr. Ram did not appear to be breathing. Our amazing Hero performed life-saving actions on Mr. Ram (since I do kiss this Hero/Farmer, I prefer not to know what specific life-saving actions were taken), silently encouraging him to live, and praying that poor Mr. Ram would take a breath. Suddenly.... Mr. Ram raised his head, coughed up a mouthful of water, stood up on shaky legs, and met the eyes of his Rescuer. What passed between the Farmer and the Ram is known only to those two, but we can all imagine the life-affirming intensity of this moment.

As of the writing of this report, Mr. Ram is back with his herd, wobbly but alive. The Farmer is clean and showered, has found his phone and wallet, and is resting happily in the glory of his afternoon of adventure, knowing that a life has been saved thanks to his courage and effort. And Lambchop... well, Lambchop is in the doghouse.... literally. Punishment to be determined at a later date.


  1. I hate to say it, but Lambchop may not be a good dog for a farm environment. I would hate to think what would happen when ya'll have baby goats/sheep around. Not to mention what would happen to any chickens Lambchop might get too.


  2. I know. Puppies who love to chase, even for fun, are trouble. We'll figure it out!

  3. Some breeds of dogs just do it out instinct. When we lived on the farm other peoples dogs would chase our spring lambs and kill them and then chew their one back leg off ! We knew it wasnt wolves or cyotes cause they feed on the entire lamb and start at the stomach !Dogs just do it for the thrill of the chase and will never stop. Some dogs just cant be around live stock ! Hope this isnt the case for Lambchop ! Have a great day !

  4. I hope you are able to come to some agreement with Lambchop. Otherwise, he may have to stay in the doghouse area....literally.

  5. Great story Susanne. What a hero your farmer is!! Poor ram--how traumatic. Dogs can be tough if they aren't farm minded. Good luck with Lambchop, I know he is just doing what is instinctive.

  6. oh how sad for the ram! an electronic collar might help you, we have 4 acres for our dogs to run around and it works perfectly. kudos to your good husband for his quick reactions. farm girl jill


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