Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy Sweet Potato!

No rain in the last two months combined with the end of the growing season made my garden pitiful. I admit that I kind of lost interest in it and just walked past it on the way to other places. Until the other day when my husband and kids decided to go in and see what the chickens might like to munch on for a treat.

I heard my husband yelling for me and when I arrived at the garden, he was holding up a pretty big sweet potato. Beyond big. Just ridiculous! Maybe I was supposed to harvest them before now. I might have forgotten about them! Okay, I did forget about them.

We tried to cook one but it didn't turn out very well. Very tough. We were going to give them to the chickens to eat until I read that the uncooked peels are dangerous to them. So... any ideas what to do with a whole big bunch of tough, overgrown sweet potatoes??? Yeah, me neither.


  1. Store over winter and next spring cut your slips for next years garden.


  2. WOW HUGE POTATOES ! my hubby would love that lol mash potatoes for life lol Great photos ! have a good day !

  3. Seriously! Wow, those are some big potatoes.

  4. They can eat the sweet potatoes as long as there isn't any green on the peel.Or u can save em to start next yrs garden. Are u letting the chicks into the garden yet? BWKatz


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