Monday, October 4, 2010

A loss and a win

We were headed off to church yesterday when we saw one of our rams lying in the pasture. And no one else was near him. Not a good sign. The sheep usually stick together in a big group. Cole got out to investigate and found this poor guy in bad shape. He wouldn't even lift his head. Another bad sign. No wounds or injuries evident which is good because we'd been hearing coyotes all weekend around the farm and I'd hate to think one got our sheep.

We tried to give him some water but he wasn't interested. We did give him a shot of penicillin. Unfortunately nothing helped and that beautiful ram died in the afternoon. We still have no idea what caused his death and can only hope that it doesn't spread to anyone else in the herd. That would be devestating!

On a positive note, the Atlanta Braves won a spot in the playoffs on the last day of the season! I'm a huge baseball fan... well, I'm a huge Braves fan. It was a "must-win" game yesterday and after going up to an 8-2 lead, suddenly it was 8-7 and I started to sweat. Oh, the stress!!! Thankfully we pulled it out and then we needed the San Francisco Giants to beat the San Diego Padres. But they did, and we won the Wild Card, and I was a happy girl!

Though I'd rather be a happy baseball fan with her sheep still alive....

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  1. Oh Susanne, that is just terrible news. It's really unnerving when you don't know what the problem is. So sorry. Kudos on your Braves. I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan myself :)


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