Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tragedy on the Farm.

I know that losing animals is part of farm life. But I'd rather if it didn't happen to me.

We came home from the wedding to the death of nine of our sweet Silkies. Unfortunately they were killed by one of our dogs. This dog is currently on my Bad List (even though my husband keeps telling me that he only did was seemed natural... at this point, my dog can go live somewhere else.). It was a horrible, unfortunate accident and the fact that the nine who died included the four chicks that my children absolutely love just makes it worse. Many tears and attempts at cheering them up have taken place over the past few days, and everyone seems to be coming to terms with the loss.

I am currently on the hunt for "the exact same chicks". Apparently this is the only thing that will make my children happy. Luckily the breeder I purchased the originals from may have some very similar chicks that we can buy. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, the chicken run is under rapid completion so that our chicks can happily and safely enjoy the outside. Should be done tomorrow!

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