Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The New Toffee... arriving soon!

Many thanks to Bobbi Porto at Indigo Egg. She provided us with our original Silkies. The children are still mourning Toffee, Frosty and the "black" ones. Bobbi is sending us two more Toffee's (same age and everything), a new Frosty and a new "black" one. The children are so excited! Hopefully they'll be here by the weekend. Replacing our lost Silkies wasn't cheap, but it's so worth it! Annaliese sat staring at the chickens today and said in a sad little voice, "I miss Toffee." Hopefully the two new Toffees will be enough. And I'm hoping it stops Annaliese from asking me when God will bring Toffee back to life. I'm running out of ways to tell her it ain't happening. Poor little girl! She loved that chicken.

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