Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A few new chicks... of course!

We went to Tractor Supply for some feed for the animals and I was immediately distracted by the bins of chicks. My husband started walking away as fast as he could, in the hopes that I would follow. Of course, I didn't. We left with 7 little chicks which I know are not the Araucanas the girl said they were. Those are rare birds and most likely would not be sitting in a bin at Tractor Supply. I believe they are Easter Eggers which is a mix of Araucanas and something else. Whatever they are, they're super cute and will lay colored eggs!

We took them to Lowe's on an quick field trip and then headed out to the farm. Annaliese is developing a real passion for chickens. She just loves them all! And they love her.

These little chicks are such a pretty color and they have beautiful markings. Some of them look just like little chipmunks. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Now that's it warm, and we thankfully have a heat light in the coop, the decision was made to leave the chicks in a coop.  They have been living there happily for the past week.

Yesterday we took out the eight chicks we hatched over the last two weeks. Living on the farm in a big, cozy coop has to be more fun than living in a mail bin on the dining room table! Plus they have seven new friends! Everyone is getting along great. Eventually they will have to part since the Easter Eggers will be MUCH bigger than my little Cochins, but for now, they are having a big Chick Party in the coop.

They are all so cute! How can you not love chickens??

The chicken run is almost done! I'm so happy! Annaliese and I planted some roses and other flowers around it. When we finish it early next week, expect lots of pictures!

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