Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is this us?

Our new issue of Hobby Farm magazine arrived yesterday in the mail. This magazine always has great articles and information for a new farmer like me, so I always look forward to it. On page 20 of the current issue is an question and answer column entitled "Accidental Adoption". This page caught my eye because it had the words "South Carolina" on the first line.

I read, "My husband and I just purchased our dream property in South Carolina." I thought, Wow! Just like us! Maybe I can find out who this is and email them. The next line said that the farm is 108 acres with three stocked ponds. Hmmm.... so is ours. Then it talks about how this couple ended up with 7 goats, 2 donkeys and a mule when they bought the property. Okay... now this is really getting strange. So did we! The next line clinched it for me, "I have a 5-yr old and a 9-yr old..." I quickly scanned the rest of the article and realized that I would not be emailing this couple who have just bought their dream farm in South Carolina because this couple is us! Sadly it took a whole paragraph before I even recognized myself but the fact that I was reading it in a magazine kind of threw me off.

I ran downstairs to show my husband while my son danced around screaming, "We're famous!" I wouldn't say we're famous but it was kind of cool! Thinking back, I remember posting something at http://www.hobbyfarms.com/ when we first bought the farm and I was hoping to figure out what to do with these animals. I guess someone read it and decided to use it in the magazine. Fortunately, they included a great answer about what to do and thankfully, most I have already found out on my own or we have taken care of already. Must be on the right track!

Check out the new issue... page 20 in particular!


  1. Hey girl! I am stopping by from SOuthern Mama's. SO glad I found you because I come from a 3rd generation farm! I live in Houston now of course with my husband, no farms here, but my dad and brother own and manage our farm back in Louisiana. We don't deal with animals but they grow cotton, soybeans, corn, etc. Your dream sounds wonderful and I see the satisfaction in my dad and brother in what they do! I wish you all the luck! Come visit if you get the chance! http://kitchenbelleicious.blogspot.com

  2. This is hilarious! I can't believe you had forgotten you had sent a note to the magazine!

  3. I didn't actually send a note to the magazine! I just posted something on their discussion boards for other people to answer. Guess they saw it! Who knew!


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