Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Buzzards

We have three French Copper Marans and five Ameraucanas. Even when they were little babies, they didn't like me. When I tried to feed them, they would run to the corner of their brooder and stick their heads through the wire trying to escape. My husband started calling them the "Buzzard Birds". Unfortunately the name has stuck and they are still known as the Buzzard Birds on the farm. Slowly....slowly... they seem to be getting used to me a little. And they get prettier by the day! Soon the hens will start laying eggs. Big eggs! My Maran hen will be lay dark chocolate brown eggs and the Ameraucana hens will lay blue/green eggs.

The Ameraucanas have muffs that look just like Lambchop sideburns to me. They all look like Ben Franklin. We have three Blue Ameraucanas and two Black.

We have three Marans, two Black and one Blue. One of the blacks is a hen and she is clueless most of the time. I always find her wandering around lost from the rest of the flock. She has this startled look about her most of the time. But she's really pretty. Her feathers have a iridescent green sheen to them in the sunlight. The roosters are gorgeous! They are the only chickens I have with a big red comb and wattles.

The roosters have not started crowing yet. The hens have not started laying. So far all they do is eat and poop. But they're fun to watch!


  1. Came upon your blog while doing a convoluted web search about silver patterns, of all things, and ended up discovering a fellow chickeneer! Would love to post a link to your well-written blog on mine if okay with you. Visit me at Thanks!

  2. Hi! Absolutely, that would be fine with me! I have another blog at and have some stuff about silver patterns there. That must be where you came from! A chickeneer! I like that!


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