Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More eggs and more chicks!

I have 23 beautiful, big, blue eggs in the incubator rocking away. Since my Ameraucana hens refuse to start laying (I know they are doing it just to mess with me!), this was our first chance to see what one of their eggs will actually look like. Cole was very happy with the size. Looks like a Jumbo egg from the grocery store, except that it's blue. I should have my Marans eggs here tomorrow so I'm waiting to take a picture until those deep brown beauties are in there too. I'm not sure how I'm going to fit all these eggs in the incubator. It's pretty full right now. But I'll find a way! My Marans hen and the Ameraucana hens are 24 weeks old now and I've talked to several people who have started to get eggs from these breeds at that age. I look all over the coop every day, just waiting to see a blue or brown egg tucked somewhere. But so far... nothing. We should have some chicks hatching in about three weeks. That is always so fun!

My chicks were shipped today. I hope they'll arrive tomorrow. Their little homes are all ready on my dining room table. I just need to run to Tractor Supply and get the right food. The post office better be taking good care of my 35 new little girls! I can't wait to get them!!!

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