Sunday, June 27, 2010

The coops are done... time for fun!

Chicken World is finished... for the time being! Cole finished the chicken run Saturday. We now have three beautiful coops and two separate chicken runs... one for the little breeds and one for the big ones. Plenty of space for everyone to play and all nice and secure from any predators that want to get my babies.

The two runs adjoin each other so the chickens can see one another but have their own separate areas. I'm so happy with how it all turned out! We also have two little self-contained chicken tractors that we will use for sick chickens, growing out babies, and any other reason we'll need to separate a chicken or two.

I need to beautify around the new run and maybe put a few potted plants on the porches. The flowers I planted a couple of months ago are doing well and the chickens seem to like them! See Snowman peeking through the flowers at me? Guess he's camera-shy.

I might add one more little coop at the end of the large run when my 25 little girls coming this week grow up. But that's down the road. No need to upset Mr. with that news just yet.

Now that the work is done, it's time to play! Cole blew up our water trampoline and anchored it in the pond. The kids had a great time swimming and jumping while I mowed acres and acres of grass.

It was a fun Saturday on the farm. My children did a morning full of chores without complaint (not too much anyway) and after all the swimming and playing, it was time to head back to the lake and our neighborhood cookout.

I will end this post with one piece of advice:

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