Sunday, June 27, 2010

My, how we've grown!

We spent Friday night on the farm which gave me the chance to get up bright and early, and before I started to melt in the heat, and take some pictures of my babies chickens. Everyone has thankfully survived this three-week heat wave. The chickens spend most of the day under the coops in the shade, so morning is the best time to take a few pictures.

Stormy... our Cochin/Silkie rooster. He thinks he's hot stuff.

Our 10-week old white Silkie.

A little Black Silkie.

One of my Easter Egger hens. She will lay a colored egg but the exact color will be a surprise until she starts!

Big old Frosty, our Silkie rooster and Colin's favorite. He's a sweetie.

Toffee, my only chicken that is currently laying, preparing to lay an egg.

Breakfast! Barred Cochins, Silkies, Black Cochins and an Easter Egger.

My big birds.... Ameraucanas and Marans.

Yes, this is a chicken! My little baby frizzled Silkie/Cochin mix named Fog.

This is Lemon Drop, our Giant Cochin Rooster. He's very gentle and loves to crow... a lot. We love his beautiful tail feathers which are turning into iridescent green.

One of my favorites.... a little splash Cochin/Silkie named Marshmallow. One of nine little chicks we hatched out 7 week ago. They are adorable but fast!

A bunch of Silkies and Cochins enjoying the beautiful morning.

This is Misty, Stormy's sister and another Silkie/Cochin mix. She loves to be held and is headed over to Colin to be picked up. See his shoe? She'll just sit on your lap forever.

A couple more Easter Eggers. We have seven total and I think three are hens. They are only about 12 weeks old now so I have a month or two to start getting eggs.

The first set of chickens we ever hatched. My Giant Cochins: Black Jack (the only hen), Lemon Drop, Mr. Fancy Pants, and Butterscotch (the frizzled one looking out the window).

My hens, Martha Washington and Boo. Martha is an Ameraucana and will lay a beautiful blue egg. Boo is a French Copper Maran and lays the darkest egg of any breed: a deep chocolate brown. They should start laying any day. I look hopefully in the coop each morning but haven't found an egg yet.

This is Puff, my frizzled Silkie/Cochin. She is the first to greet me in the morning and an expert cricket and grasshopper catcher. A particular favorite of Cole's although he tries not to let me know.

This is Coffee, our little Partridge Silkie.

There are a lot of little chickens that I didn't get a picture of since they are way too fast and just won't hold still for a moment. I can't wait to get our new chicks next week and the eggs for the incubator. 100 chickens... here we come!!!

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