Friday, June 4, 2010

Rooster, anyone?

My poor little boy! All he was doing was minding his own business and walking around the chicken coops, when our very large rooster Zaxby (we also have Bojangles... my husband named them) decided that he didn't appreciate Colin near his girls and went after him. Thankfully all he did was scare my boy half to death but that was enough for me. And all the screaming scared me half to death.

The rooster got locked up and we all spent the afternoon staring daggers at it. My children cried every time we talked about giving away any of our chickens or even worse, eating them, but my son has had a change of heart I think. I don't believe he'll be sad to see that rooster go.

On a happier note, we have another egg! It's from my little silkie and it's teeny but fresh from our farm. I served my sweet husband our first egg with toast and freshly sliced tomatoes in bed this morning. He's put up with a lot of chicken stuff the past 6 months and all he ever asked for was some eggs. So how could I deny him the privilege of eating the first one? He claimed it tasted much better than store-bought eggs but I'm pretty sure he was just humoring me. Plus he had me and the two children staring at him expectedly, saying "How is it? How is it?" What could he say???

So.... anyone want a beautiful rooster?


  1. I'd like him; I have a lonesome Marans hen.

    Dolly in Charleston, S.C.

  2. Oh, darn, Dolly! I've already given both of them away. I know he would have loved a girlfriend! How about an Ameraucana rooster?

  3. Dolly in the Low-CountryJune 15, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    Thank you,anyway, Susanne. By the bye, do you know anyone else who might loan me a rooster... Marans Black Copper preferred.


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