Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ahhh.... Summer!

Boy, is it hot. What happened to some nice temps in the 80's and low humidity? We have been sweltering for the last 10 days in 90+ heat, high humidity, and oh look.... a heat advisory for today! Yippee!!! It will feel like 105 out. My poor animals. So far everyone is doing okay but I worry.

The kids discovered a bunch of wild blackberry bushes all around the farm and headed out one morning before the heat set in to pick some.

Of course, all that berry-picking took some time and the children were hot when they got back. What does a good mom do? Turn on the sprinklers in the orchard and let them have a blast. And they did!

My vegetable garden is finished, all secure and planted. Planting in June is never a great idea but it's all I could do this year. We'll get what we get and it's fun to watch everything grow. The children each have their own little bed and both only wanted canteloupe and watermelon. I snuck in some cucumbers, pumpkins, tomoatoes and peppers though.

We have Vacation Bible School this week so we are all off to church. Then out to check on all the animals. I just heard from a friend of mine that lost several chicks to heat stroke yesterday. I'm praying everyone is okay. Unless it's just the roosters that die. I'm mostly just kidding.

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