Thursday, May 6, 2010

We have a baby donkey!

Arrived at the farm today and found an empty donkey pasture. That's the first time the donkeys haven't been where they are supposed to be. A quick look around found them on a hill at the back of the farm. We decided to let them be out for the day since the entire farm is fenced and they weren't going anywhere.

Tonight I realized I hadn't seen them for several hours so I set off on a hunt. We haven't mowed the back of the farm and the grass is knee-high and worse. Doesn't make for easy walking! Plus our farm is hilly, with lots of hidden little valleys. It takes a long time to search everywhere.

I finally found the donkeys at the very back of the farm. The sun was shining in my eyes as it began to set, but I thought I saw an extra pair of ears by Brownie, our girl. Yes, there was an extra set of ears! Brownie had her baby!!! And boy, is it cute! I guess that explains the unusual escape. She needed some privacy to give birth. I didn't get too close, especially after I saw her kicking at Cookie when he tried to investigate his new baby. Brownie and the little baby look fine. The baby was walking around and jumping a little. It's amazing how big it is and how these animals walk, eat and play the day they are born. Our vet had expressed some concern about Brownie being too young and small to give birth. I'm so happy she did it successfully and on her own!

I decided to give Brownie her needed privacy. Hopefully tomorrow they will show back up in their pasture where the food and fresh water is (on their own, I pray!). I opened up one of the gates. I have no idea how they got out but the little baby doesn't need to be doing any fancy moves to get home. I can't wait to take some pictures of the new addition to the farm!

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  1. How does one just jump in to farming? Wow! I'm impressed. Fun Blog!


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