Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A new kid!

We have a new little goat! Bashful had her baby this morning and mother and kid are doing well. I'm always amazed at how big the babies are when they are born. I don't know where the mother keeps them! Happy looks ready to delivery any time too, so we may have another little one born anytime.

Life on the farm is moving along at a quiet and comfortable pace. Our little roosters have started crowing and you can hear them as soon as dawn begins to break. Everyone is growing, eating, chirping, living. We have been working hard, hard, hard on Chicken World. Our run is finished and we are busy putting the finishing touches on the surrounding areas. Unfortunately we have outgrown the two coops we have and I'm hoping that my husband will give in and let me have another coop. It took us about a month to finish the run. He's not looking forward to that process again.

On a happy note, our new silkies arrived last Friday! The new Toffee has arrived and my daughter said it was the best day of her life to have Toffee back again. We also got a beautiful Splash Rooster and Hen, a black Hen, and 10 little babies.

It's all turning out just like I pictured it would. My silkies and cochins can run around in safety all day long, and boy do they! As soon as I open their little door in the morning, they all come tumbling out.


  1. Great pic, Susanne. I'd like to see them live...

  2. Ya'll did a wonderful job on the run. I would make one suggestion. Expand!!! LOL



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