Thursday, May 13, 2010

The new donkey

Brownie has been very protective of her little baby and it took us 5 days to get them back where they belong. She still doesn't let the daddy near the baby but that may change soon. The little one is running everywhere! All are doing well and the little donkey is just adorable!

We also found out that we have a wonderful irrigation system! The 5 acres around the animal area, orchard, and vegetable garden is fully irrigated with sprinklers. The installers came out last week and fixed the pump for us and now we have beautiful water greening up everything.

It will save so much time watering! Not too mention all the money we didn't have to spend. I'm hoping to get a spigot installed over near the chicken coops next week which will save me so much time.

Grandmother came for a long visit over Mother's Day. Now that the chicken run is finished, we can sit inside and enjoy the chickens. Looks like Grandmother kind of liked them!

I know we do!

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  1. Did you know you had an irrigation system when you bought the farm? If not, what a wonderful surprise!


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